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A growing number of businesses recognize the importance of the St. Johns River to our community and local economy and the value of the work by St. Johns Riverkeeper to protect and restore this magnificent natural resource and asset. We invite you to join the ranks of our business supporters by participating as a St. Johns Riverkeeper Business Partner.

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Why Partner with St. Johns Riverkeeper?

  • Your company’s support will help to sustain and ensure the continuation of our work as the leading advocate and most trusted voice for the St. Johns River.
  • Your support will clearly demonstrate your company’s commitment to the St. Johns to your employees, customers, and the general public, sending a strong signal that you care about the river and our community.
  • Partnering with St. Johns Riverkeeper can enhance your company’s visibility.
  • Your support for St. Johns Riverkeeper can help build a more committed workforce and loyal customer base. Employees are often proud to work for companies that give back and consumers are likely to reward you for your good deeds.
  • Support for St. Johns Riverkeeper can help differentiate your company from your competitors and strengthen your brand by communicating your corporate values and commitment to environmentally-responsible business practices.
  • You will be a part of the effort to protect and restore one of our community’s greatest natural resources and economic assets, the St. Johns River.

How do I Become a Partner?

We offer many opportunities for your company to demonstrate its commitment and support for the protection of the St. Johns River.

Become a St. Johns Riverkeeper Member

Partnership begins with membership. As a first step, please consider becoming a St. Johns Riverkeeper member.

Our members are the lifeblood of our organization. A diverse and robust membership base sustains us financially and is critical to our success. Our members help spread the word throughout the community about the St. Johns River and our work to protect it. Our members also provide us with the clout, credibility, and influence that are needed to effectively resolve the problems that impact the river’s health.

Click here to donate and sign up for membership.

Partners by Percent

Our Benefactor Business Members donate $1,000 or more to St. Johns Riverkeeper on an annual basis. The Benefactor membership level includes our Partners by Percent, businesses that donate a percentage of revenue or company sales to St. Johns Riverkeeper. For example, Black Creek Outfitters donates 1% of all paddling sport revenue on an annual basis. The commitment by our Partners by Percent goes beyond an annual membership contribution, by integrating support for St. Johns Riverkeeper into the ongoing sales activities and performance of the business. Make a powerful statement about your support and commitment to a healthy St. Johns River by becoming a Partner by Percent.

Sponsor a Program

Have your company become a sponsor by providing funding support for a St. Johns Riverkeeper advocacy, education or community outreach program or campaign, such as the River Friendly Awareness Campaign, the volunteer River Patrol program, or the Kirby Kingfisher river education program for children.

Sponsor an Event

Corporate event sponsorship provides funding support for a St. Johns Riverkeeper event, such as the annual Oyster Roast. The Oyster Roast takes place in November at The Garden Club of Jacksonville and is our most important fundraising event of the year.

Organize an Event

Organize a special event to benefit St. Johns Riverkeeper. We can help you come up with a creative and fun idea! We can also help you organize an informational event with a speaker to introduce St. Johns Riverkeeper to your employees, customers, and business colleagues.

Participate in a Cause-Marketing Campaign

Partner with St. Johns Riverkeeper on cause-marketing programs by providing event revenues, donations from product sales or point-of-purchase donations for special campaigns or events, such as River Awareness Month. We can provide Riverkeeper marketing materials, such as drink coasters, table/counter tents, and paper emblems that your business can display when your customers make a donation. Also, consider giving your customers the option to round up their checks or purchases to benefit St. Johns Riverkeeper.

Offer Specials and Discounts to Members

Help us to offer more benefits to our members, and we can help drive traffic to your business.

Encourage Workplace Giving and Volunteering

Show your employees you care about the St. Johns River. Designate St. Johns Riverkeeper as your charity of choice in your workplace giving campaign and maximize employee donations through charitable matching gifts. We can also arrange for a speaker to address your employees to inform them about St. Johns Riverkeeper and the opportunities to support our work and get involved.

Make an In-Kind Donation

Your company can donate specific products and equipment, professional services, employee time and creativity, or other types of in-kind items to St. Johns Riverkeeper. Also, consider making a donation to our annual Oyster Roast Silent Auction. Contact us for more information about current needs and opportunities.

For more information about partnership opportunities, contact Jimmy Orth, Executive Director, at 904-256-7919 or jimmy@stjohnsriverkeeper.org.

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