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Get the Dirt Out

Get the Dirt Out

North Florida is experiencing a boom in population growth which has increased the number of active construction projects. Sediment is one of the leading causes of water pollution for our St. Johns River watershed. When land is cleared for construction projects, timber harvesting, agriculture or road building, that land loses its natural ability to keep soil in place. When the rain comes down, the exposed dirt at these sites washes downhill and into the nearest creek or river, literally choking the life out of the water and wildlife present.

Become a watershed protector and join Get the Dirt Out! A new program designed to educate citizens about Duval County’s “dirt laws’ and train them to be watchdogs in their own neighborhoods to keep dirt out of our waterways. If you’re concerned about local construction and land clearing fouling your property and muddying your neighborhood streams…this workshop is for you!
You will learn:
What are the rules?
How does the City of Jacksonville’s Erosion & Sedimentation Control (ESC) Program function?
How to evaluate a construction site?
What are the best management practices (BMP’s) for a site?
What you should do when you see a violation?
After, you’ll know how to take action by reporting on Water Rangers and letting us know! 

Educate and empower yourself to learn more and take action! You can begin reporting sediment violations today using the Water Rangers App! Read below for further instructions.

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