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Explore Your St. Johns River!

"The Get Your Feet Wet guidebook will help children and adults to explore our beautiful St. Johns River. This valuable resource and tool can help raise our awareness, understanding and appreciation for our river and create a community of activists that are committed to its protection." - Delores Barr Weaver

Get your feet wet and begin your journey exploring the mighty St. Johns River and its watershed! Learn about the ecology and rich history of the St. Johns River. Visit fun and interesting parks and places along the river and its tributaries. Identify common plants and animals that live in and around the St. Johns. Get the most out of your river experiences with fun games and activities.

Chapters Include

  1. Our River
  2. Let’s Get Ready
  3. Places to Explore
  4. Things to Do
  5. River Wildlife
  6. River Resources
  7. River Journal

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For more information about the Get Your Feet Wet guidebook including becoming a local business vendor, contact Kelly Patton, Outreach Director.

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“It is everyone’s responsibility to protect the St. Johns for future generations, the guidebook will be helpful to that end.” – Wayne Weaver